Our Company

At Healthcare Resources International, LLC we place foreign and domestic healthcare professionals with the qualifications and credentials you expect in your facility's staff. Each candidate is personally screened and hand picked to match your criteria. Whether you are looking for a foreign or domestic Nurse, PT, OT or other healthcare professional, Healthcare Resources International, LLC will find you the talented permanent staff you need.

Our Mission

We strive to find the perfect match of domestic or foreign Nurse, PT, OT or other Healthcare Professional with Employer so that both work in an environment of top quality, professional health service that is vital to excellent patient care. We want both parties to feel that they have gotten the best information, placement, and service that is available to them in today's challenging and changing world of healthcare.



We recruit talented professionals from all over the world. With today's shortage of Nurses, PT's, OT's and other healthcare professionals, many qualified individuals are coming to the United States from different countries. It is vital to tap these resources to fill the many staff positions available in facilities nationwide.

We will thoroughly study and evaluate each candidate's background, school transcripts and work experience. We then begin the process of preparing the candidates to study for and pass the CGFNS, NCLEX and English speaking and writing tests.

Other than passing the CGFNS, NCLEX and English speaking and writing tests, a qualifying candidate will have had at least one year experience.

Once all the requirements are met, we make sure that the candidate understands the important geographic, climatic and demographic information of their new environment, as well as the pay scale and benefits package the sponsor will offer after they have passed all necessary testing. When this is complete, we move ahead with the sponsor's Attorney, to begin the visa work for each candidate.

Legal Representation
All of the candidate's Attorney fees will be paid by the sponsor.

Settlement & Support
We cover all aspects of the relocation and settlement process, so that the healthcare professional can quickly begin to settle into their new environment. At Healthcare Resources International, LLC, we try to make the hiring and relocation processes as easy as possible so that candidates can concentrate on their vital work as healthcare professionals.


Sidney Espina, PT

Dear Ernie Elliott,

I would like to thank you for all that you have done for me as my mentor. I have known you for five years now and I appreciate how you have been there for me through thick and thin. The knowledge and wisdom that you have imparted upon me has been a great help and support throughout my career. Thank you for being such a great mentor to me. You were at times tough on me but I know that you genuinely want me to be successful.

It's always good to have a role model who not just talks but has really done great things to reach one's goals or follow one's dreams. You know almost by instinct that the journey to success and personal development can be lonely and tough; where we can always doubt ourselves on whether we are on the right track. But, your words of wisdom always inspire me to contemplate and it made me realize that our greatest enemy is "ourselves". You taught me how to build character, to focus on my dreams and to work on getting there. You also once told me that at the end of the day, it's when I will really ask myself and really know what it is I want in life. And once I do that, I should never stop believing and never stop trying to achieve it.

Mr. Elliott, you have been a good friend, teacher and a great inspiration for me. You inspired me to pursue my goals through hard work and dedication. I truly appreciate and value everything that I have learned from you.

Thank you once again for time, support and patience.

Sidney Espina, PT

J. Chambers


I would just like to extend a deep, sincere thank you for the incredible help you have been throughout this entire immigration process! I have received my green card in record time and I am truly grateful that we crossed paths. Best of luck to you as you continue this good work. Thanks again

J. Chambers