Are you experiencing difficulty finding qualified healthcare professionals for your facility?

With more and more demands on our time in today's high-stress business atmosphere, finding qualified professionals for your healthcare facility is an enormous challenge. Healthcare Resources International, LLC is dedicated to helping you solve this dilemma by finding you highly qualified, dedicated nurses, PT's, OT's or healthcare professionals from home and abroad.

In today's demanding healthcare field it is essential to consider foreign healthcare professionals, the fast-growing sector of the employment population, in your decision to hire staff for your hospital or nursing home. The affordable health care act combined with the aging population will create an ever greater need for RNs and now is the time to increase the pool. All of our candidates are top-notched, talented individuals who are eager to begin a career and life in the United States.

We also have domestic healthcare professionals looking for employment all over the United States. We have the highly-qualified individuals you are seeking to fill permanent full and part-time positions in your healthcare facility.


Healthcare Resources International, LLC is a permanent placement firm for nurses, PT's, OT's and other healthcare professionals. We partner with hospitals and long-term care facilities to fulfill your staffing requirements by recruiting highly qualified healthcare professionals, both foreign and domestic. We will work closely with you throughout our partnership, from understanding your needs to ensuring a smooth progression of the immigration process for each foreign healthcare professional that we place.

Cost-Effective Solution

Healthcare Resources International, LLC does not employ healthcare professionals directly; we act as your partner in screening highly qualified candidates from home and abroad, and assist you in the process of bringing foreign healthcare professionals to the United States. Your facility will directly employ the nurse or other healthcare professional. They sign contracts directly with you. You will be paying your employee a regular salary.

Whether yours is a small facility or a major metropolitan medical center, Healthcare Resources International, LLC can provide you with staff members with the finest credentials, skills and experience.


Healthcare Resources International, LLC conducts an initial resume screen with an extensive background check to ensure the nurses or other healthcare professionals have demonstrated excellence in both their nursing school and in their work experience. We interview every candidate to ensure they have the skills to succeed in a fast-paced U.S. environment. Then, we ensure that all of our foreign screened candidates have a high level of proficiency in spoken English, written English, and in basic computer skills.


Our office begins the recruitment process by choosing those candidates who have shown excellence in their clinical experience, and education during our initial evaluation. We review all information, conducting additional interviews and further screening candidates before a selection decision is made. All of our experienced foreign healthcare professionals are fully licensed and currently practicing in their home countries. In addition, the nurses take part in an in-depth program of study to prepare them for the NCLEX exam.

Our goal is to find the perfect match for both the nurse/healthcare professional and the healthcare facility. Many of these candidates intend to move to the United States permanently and often plan to bring their immediate family members with them. We providing the candidate with extensive information on the hospital or nursing home, the surrounding areas, schools and anything else we think will be of benefit to help them acclimate to their new life in the United States.

We also provide support and communicate with the nurse regularly to make sure the clinical and cultural transition is as smooth as possible.

Employer's Advantages

  • Reduced cost-per-hire
  • Increased pool of available nurses
  • Pre-screened applicants
  • Thorough reference checking
  • Minimize the demands placed on you to advertise job openings
  • No fee to interview referred applicants
  • No obligation to hire referred applicants
  • Educational background and experience matched to your specific hiring needs



Send in an Employer Request

The process begins when you send your Employer Request to Healthcare Resources International, LLC We find qualified candidates among the many candidates on file, then we interview potential applicants.

Application Review

We review applications. Then we match candidates with specific capabilities and qualifications to your job. A Healthcare Resources International, LLC recruiter will then perform a careful review of the resume and background, as the next step in the process.


When we find a candidate that is suitable for your position, Healthcare Resources International, LLC will call the candidate and ask follow-up questions regarding the candidate's background and current work situation. We will assess their skills, qualifications, and needs.

Background Check

A thorough background check is then conducted, including reference calls and calls to educational institutions.


If we have found that a candidate meets your criteria and all qualification standards, we will arrange a telephone interview with the employee for you. There is no obligation to hire or financial responsibility until you decide to make an offer.


If you are interested in hiring the candidate we have matched you with, Healthcare Resources International, LLC will present your offer to the candidate and handle the paperwork.

Ongoing Services

Unlike other types of recruitment agencies, with Healthcare Resources International, LLC the process does not end here. We provide ongoing support, including help with immigration services, immigration attorney, and relocation resources.

Simply contact Healthcare Resources International, LLC when you are ready to hire and specify the qualifications you are looking for and position you are looking to fill, and we will begin the process of finding the perfect candidate to join your staff.